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Bramble Cottage

Project Bramble Cottage, Guernsey's second Ground Source Heat Pump.

Commencement of a new project combined with an old project the second Ground Source Heat Pump in Guernsey being moved to make way for an extention.

August 2006, the ground works start.

The panels arrive ready to be installed in the trenches.

September 2006, the panels go in.

Ground works complete.

After 5 years happy operation the heat pump which was temporarily housed in an outdoor closet is being drained down for installation in its final resting place. We are all waiting for the water to drain!!! A lovely hot Guernsey sunny day April 23rd 2011.

Project Bramble Cottage: Guernsey April 23rd 2011. The old extension is being demolished, the new about to be built. We are still waiting for the water to drain out of the 160L hot water 'shell tank'! The 7 Kilowatt output Mitsubishi compressor and the IVT steel hot water tank was Heavy and needed 4 people to carry the unit. Once reinstalled it will run happily for another 15 long years.

Draining an IVT type C Heat Pump

As we had to move HP from shed to inside we had to drain all water out of the internal HW cyl to make the HP 200kg lighter!

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