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Demolition & Groundworks

The glazed link which was removed to create a better joining structure so the Brown family can make full use of their property.

The extension area before works commenced.

The beginning of the diggings for foundations and drainage.

As is often the case in Guernsey once we broke ground we began to find buried debris and structures around the site which were from greenhouses that were on the site in the past. This photo shows rain water storage tank which was right in the middle of the foundations therefore we had to involve a structural engineer (mac website) two engineer to reinforce the foundations and the slab of the house.


Visit the installation pages documenting each stage of works.

Demolition & Groundworks


Building walls



Windows & Doors

Multi-zone controls

Air Source Heat Pump install

Under Floor Heating


Guernsey Granite - Contracted Eco-builders

Guernsey Glass - Windows and Glass

Ice Energy - Air Source Heat Pumps

Warmworld - Heating controls