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Basically we were provided some great pipe by hydraquip, but felt somewhat ripped off by their DIY insulation attempt which was supposed to be beyond building regs! Not. Okay for inside an insulated space in the home, but not for a bare attic or underground as suggested by the web info an pic. We are double insulating and wrapping the highly insulated pipe in a 90mm one-piece plastic duct from plant room to solar plant.

The solar thermal panels come from Sundwel in Sunderland, designed and built by my old friend Keith. We have not done a lot of these but have been supplying and installing this model for over 6 years. I have identical ones on my roof at home. The frame was built out of old greenhouse timbers disguising its age and function!

We had to create a 100m run of solar/heat pump pipe, across an underneath greenhouse land. This is a major engineering job!

We like these valves with MI and FI ends, 1", able to directly fit solar 1" couplings to go to stainless steel pipe. This type of pipe will withstand high temperatures should there be a failure of the system.

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