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What's the Payback?

We have launched a competition challenge to find out if the Island of Guernsey, and the public of the world knows what the true payback for renewable energy technology is.

The aim is to stimulate debate and interest and solutions to the deep issues planet earth faces at this time in its history.

The winner gets a day trip to Sark, with a free lunch for two, a delightful carriage ride and a tour of the Clos Bourel Energy Project, plus free entrance to our Eco-home workshops to be held in spring 2011 worth 150. There will be three runner's up winning a place on the workshop and 10 runner's up will win solar powered torches.

The campaign will culminate in an evening seminar's with key note speaker Andrew Hillier, CEO of Ice Energy, the largest distributor of heat pumps in the UK. Doors will open at 4pm to the public where there will be an opportunity to view the latest renewable energy equipments from ground source heat pumps to solar photovoltaics and talk directly to UK technical staff as well as our Renewable Energy Engineers. Each speaker will be putting their personal spin on what they think the 'payback' for Renewables is. We will be filming the event and uploading the resultant informative film to You Tube.


We are sending out 3000 postcards, if you receive one, fill in the three answers to what you believe the 'Payback' to be and either scan and send us the postcard, or post it to us. We will scan it and upload it to our Facebook and other web pages (ensuring your personal details are not included).

Alternatively, if you do not receive a postcard:

  • Download the post card off our web site and scan and email or post it to us.
  • Or, quite simply, email us the three answers! State clearly Answers 1, 2, 3. Please include your telephone number.

Competition Rules

Competition Closes 8pm 11th November.

Valid name, tel. no and email address.
You can enter as many times as you like.
Your entries will be posted on our 'What's the payback?' Facebook, Twitter, Website and Blog.
All contact details will be hidden from the public.
Winners living in Channel Islands other than Guernsey will be offered 50 towards their travel expenses to Guernsey.
Winners outside of the Channel Islands will be offered 100 towards their travel expenses to Guernsey.
The trip to Sark remains free of charge.
A winner living in Sark will get the tour of Clos Bourel, but a trip to Guernsey instead plus free lunch for two and a tour of our installations in Guernsey!
No immediate spouses, family members or partners of employees or employees can enter.
In the case where we have more than one set of correct answers, we will pull the winner out of a hat.
If there is a case where no-one gets all three questions, but say 2 out 3 correct, that will be the winner. If there is more than one set of answers in this respect, we will also pick the winner from a hat.

All final rulings by competition judge Paul Fletcher, CEO, E-Si Limited.

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