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Willow Ranch

The largest slate array installed in Guernsey so far. Each slate panel is rated 52 watts, with 54 slates in total that’s a 2808W peak. We will be plugging into the grid next week and generating electricity whilst the rest of the build continues, offsetting energy cost of build throughout the rest of the works.

Each ‘unit’, or slate has an output of 47 watts each, and each system has 1 x ‘Inverter’ that ALL units plug into to make ONE system.In this case we have a maximum spread constrained by the installation method across all the useable South West roof areas.The aim is to integrate into the building structure the system such that it is normally NOT noticeable, and becomes PART of the building itself, not an external feature.

Chief Renewable Energy Engineer Craig installing solar slates.

One Day, all roofs will be like this and there will be no requirement for a planning application. It will be natural and encouraged by government. It will likely be law to install.

The finished product.

Guernsey Electricity pays the homeowner a 'Feed in Tariff' to the value equal to the cost of GE's generation of electricity. This is approx 10p a unit at this date and varies monthly.

C21 solar slates manufactured and supplied by Solarcentury.

Links Supplier of C21's

Article in local Guernsey Press on installation of solar slates

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